The Course for Sustainability is an educational programme for key government officials responsible for the "three pillars" of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental well-being for all in the present and future generations. It is designed to give members of various ministries and agencies - not only environmental - a chance to examine the major approaches to sustainable development.

Noted professors and experts conduct a series of modules that examine strategies, methodologies, policies and actions to further sustainability in governmental plans and programmes. The course structure has been chosen by the project partners to best suit the needs of key policy makers in the region. Alumni events encourage participants to maintain their dedication to sustainability long after the course ends.

To date, more than 300 alumni have graduated from the seven courses that comprise the Course for Sustainability. A new course for senior governmental officials from Central Asia is being developed and will take place in 2009.

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The road to sustainable development leads across many sectors and borders: it needs understanding and actions of various stakeholders locally, regionally and globally.

Recognising this significant need the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea of Italy initiated a comprehensive capacity building programme for Central and Eastern Europe. By today this programme has been recognised and joined by several governments and even the business sector of the following regions: South Eastern Europe (SEE); Black Sea; Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia (EECCA)

The centre of this advanced capacity building programme is an interdisciplinary 2-5 week course supplemented by regular alumni events and additional communication activities.

The course is an educational programme for senior governmental officials who are responsible for the �three pillars� of sustainable development. It is designed to give members of various ministries a chance to examine the major approaches to sustainable development with the guidance of noted professors and experts.

Since 2004 the following four courses series have been developed and/or implemented:

  1. Course for Sustainability (CEE) � Course I, II, II, IV
  2. Course for Sustainability (EECCA) � Course V
  3. Seminar Series: Partnerships for Sustainable Development (Black Sea) � Course I, II,
  4. Course on Sustainable Development: Good Governance (SEE)
  5. Course on Sustainable Development and Action (SEE) � Course I, II,

This programme is a partnership with Venice International University; Agroinnova; Istanbul Bilgi University; ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability; Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC); and Central European University led by the experienced and skilled experts of the Regional Environmental Center (REC) reaching over 400 senior governmental officials from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Kosovo (as defined by UNSCR 1244).

The REC expresses its gratitude for the generous support of the following donors:

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